Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Karen Carpenter - Keep My Lovelight Burning (2015 Daybeat Remix)

Karen Carpenter loved her solo album tremendously. I have made it my mission to bring her solo works to the forefront and develop a strong following for the work she loved and of which she was very proud.

Last week I contacted David Hornos Esteve, a talented remixer about cleaning up and remixing the song "Keep My Lovelight Burning" (one of Karen's unreleased solo songs). David accepted the challenge immediately and in a matter of two days he produced a professional (and outstanding) remix of a favorite Karen Carpenter tune. Thank you David for giving us a new and fresh perspective on this song.

After the remix was completed I went to work on Monday March 2, 2015 (Karen's 65th birthday) and created a video for the song. I spent 8 hours over a span of 14 hours to make the video. I started at 7 am and finished a 9 pm. I used a total of 95 photos for the video which contains 1194 frames to create the motion which stays in tune with the beat of the song.

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It is now with great pleasure I bring to you "Keep My Lovelight Burning (Daybeat Remix 2015) Unreleased"

 Karen Carpenter Solo - Keep My Lovelight Burning 
(2015 Daybeat Remix)

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Enjoy from Rick Henry!!!