Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's Put "Christmas Portrait" in the Top 100

Quite possibly the finest Christmas album of all-time. Karen Carpenter was born to sing Christmas music.

Today is the start of my campaign to get "Christmas Portrait" back on the charts and to peak even higher than it did in 2011. Way back in 1978 "Christmas Portrait" was on the charts and made it to #150 in the US and then in 2011 (an entire 33 years after it's release) the album reached a new peak position at #126. On the
Billboard chart for the week ending December 8, 2012  "Christmas Portrait" re-entered the chart at #147. The newest edition of the chart finds the album falling down to #171 (we've got our work cut out for us). This year (2012) the goal is to get the album into the Top 100. We can do it.

The way to get the album into the Top 100 is to purchase a brand new copy of the disc. If you're purchasing it from (which you will find links to amazon in this post) there are options to purchase it brand new directly from . You will find that new copy from Amazon in the box listed Formats. It will be listed in the first row which is listed as Amazon Price. It's either available as MP3 Music or Audio CD. Click on either one of those to make your purchase.

Sales of brand new CD or MP3 copies will put the album on the charts. Purchases of used copies will not help.

Please send this link to everyone you know so we can make a difference and get "Christmas Portrait" into the Top 100 this year.