Friday, December 30, 2011

New website: "online with Carpenters"

Hello Friends! I have just created a new Carpenters website called "online with Carpenters". this one will take the place of the old website The Carpenters Online which I started back in 2002.

This is a stylish site which is fashioned in the style of a book with pages. It's easy to navigate through. At this point it does not contain much information but with time it will include a good amount of fun stuff.

In the next few days I will be adding a News page which will keep you up to date on the latest news pertaining to Karen, Richard and everything Carpenters.

Check back periodically for updates.

Here's a link for those who wish to check it out:

online with Carpenters: click here

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Portrait on Billboard Chart

Very good news for fans of Karen Carpenter and the Carpenters. For the week ending December 17, 2011 the album "Christmas Portrait" is at #153 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. Last week it was at #175, it moved up an entire 22 positions.

The highest position the album has reached in the U.S. was #150 back in 1978 and so far it has been certified platinum for sales over 1 million copies.

It would be great to see "Christmas Portrait" remain on the charts for a third consecutive week. It would be even better to see it surpass it's peak of #150. But it can only happen one way and that is by generating sales. I urge those of you who yet do not own the CD to purchase it. "Christmas Portrait" is one of the most beautiful collections of Christmas music ever. In my humble opinion it is the very best Christmas album in the history of recorded music.

Below I have provided a link to the album on Amazon. But in order to keep it on the charts you have to purchase a new copy from Amazon.

Amazon is selling the disc for $12.98 brand new. (UPDATE: Since the publishing of this post Amazon has put the disc on sale and is now selling it for $11.54)

On the Amazon page for the album you will see a small box with the heading "Formats". In this box it lists MP3 Download, Audio CD 1990, Vinyl and audio Cassette.

To keep the album on the charts you can either purchase the MP3 download of the entire album for $5.99 ( that's a great price) or in the line that says Audio CD, 1990 you would purchase the first listing under the Amazon price heading for $12.98 (now on sale for $11.54).

The prices listed in the Formats box under the Amazon Prices heading is what you want to purchase to keep the album on the charts.

Now here's the link to the page:

         What are your favorite songs from "Christmas Portrait"?

Very good news for Carpenters. "Christmas Portrait" has officially bested it's previous peak position. Back in 1978 the album reached #150. This week the album has moved up to #126 with a bullet.

The next goal is to get the album into the Top 100 (that would be big news.). If you haven't bought it - go out and buy it.

Here's the link:

*** Remember in order to keep the album on the charts you either want to buy a new copy directly from (which is currently selling for $11.54) or you should buy a download of the entire album.

If you already own it than buy a copy or a download for a friend or family member. Let's make it happen.