Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Karen Carpenter Magazine

Hello Friends...

There is a new website and companion forum on the internet called Karen Carpenter Magazine. This site is set-up similar to a magazine in that it features articles written about Karen Carpenter. It also has a picture page and a discography page. The site will be updated every 2 to 3 months. It's companion forum features the same articles which are on the website.

You can visit the website at the following link: CLICK HERE to visit Karen Carpenter Magazine (the website)


  1. Not sure if anyone will read this, but I've recently been going thru old calendars I've kept as diaries since 1967... I came across July 8, 1971...This was when I went to see the Carpenters in concert here in Fresno, CA at Selland Arena 8pm. Mac Davis opened for them. I'm so glad I got to see and hear them live. Unfortunately, I don't have any memorabilia or photos from that evening. What a beautiful voice and talent Karen had, and along with her brother, Richard, singing together in harmony was just magical. My June 1972 wedding dress, and my bridesmaid's dress were similar in style to what Karen was wearing during that time in the early 70's. What a loss to the world when she died. Thank heavens for the Internet, record albums, CD's and YouTube. Thanks for reading...just wanted to share. Susan in CA :-)

  2. hi SuzyA...That is so neat to have kept so many diaries and then especially to have a record/notes about when you saw them! Wish I could say that I had such an honor and joy, but just admired them on tv and music all through the yrs. There will never be another Karen nor Carpenters to come close to match the originals.